Uncovering The Main Idea

In your research work try to focus on things that do have some utility might not be you know useful to every housewife it might be a proof technique that is useful to somebody in semantics of programming languages right so but useful for something right you could just be an amazing genius is going to do work that’s only recognized in 50 years time but it’s a high-risk strategy all right let’s just let’s go on so do keep making out asking questions making comments is good it much more fun for me but so idea idea in a paper try to write a paper about a single idea right if you have ten ideas like ten papers do not like one paper with ten ideas squished down to a form in which nobody can understand them right having more ideas is good. Learn how to focus on what`s important on Edusson.

But try to say if you read a paper do this whenever you read a paper what is the idea that’s in this paper when you write a paper thing what is the idea I’m trying to convey if you don’t have a clear idea of what at that idea is your readers will not either right so it’s a so good sanity check I think and sometimes you may not know exactly what it is to begin with but by there’s only done you must I think and so one way to do this actually is to write a sentence in your paper somewhere that says the main idea of this paper is right and then your thought then you’re forced to think oh oh how do I finish this sentence so just try putting that at the beginning of section three or something yes any contribution so they make a couple of small contributions can you say that one idea but many contributions well.

so I want to talk a bit more about contributions in a second but I would I think it is possible to write good papers that have sort of many smaller ideas somehow but it’s harder to do it well so and everything I say today I should have said this to begin with I’m going to as it were character to your the situation I’m going to make sort of strong unequivocal statements that of course are not really true about every paper or even every good paper but they’re just the direction in which I have found most profitable to do do of course you can disobey every suggestion I make and still like a great paper but but yeah so I think the the sense of trying to identify an idea if you can is really good and if you can’t you may say it’s still the paper I want to write go for it right one thing about process two before we get onto content here is the research plan that most people follow they have an idea they do some research and then they write the paper that seems logical.