Paragraph Structure Principles

The things you want to do in your paragraphs we don’t want to write it down no huh no you ain’t even tryin even trying you know I’ve been trying if I see a whole lot of people trying dennis is that slows me down say whole bunch of you looking at me like come home it’s the great hurry up that mean that’s without that’s what I read when I see you sitting in I taking no you say come on mr. quick we’re not stupid okay so I’m just you know yes oh I’m sorry if you examine analyze the topic describe the topic offer a quantifier nology of you you know dealing with time yes yes if there was some event I don’t know whatever the event maybe these are the things that you do when developing your paragraph which one are we going to do. Check out beatiful examples of body paragraph`s structure at Edusson.

We started our paragraph with our first paragraph which one are we going to do it in the paragraph we started you’re going to describe your sure we say it simpler for principal pant students describe compare and contrast okay compare anyone else hmm exam who’s an exam it examined examining that okay we take wit take the to examine and compare contrast okay all right let’s see you ready want to analyze to know okay I’ll keep that in mind examine a bit okay we’re back here we go now we agreed simpler for principles students parents now what now what are we going to do ah now we need to develop develop we need to develop yes this is what you do is what you’re doing in your outline now simpler for principles why why why why principles no no no I’m not I’m saying why is it simpler for principles yes yes uh what about students why over here why is it simpler for students that they got why is it simpler for students look at that way yes thank you thank you parents why okay there we go yes.

Don’t have to spend money our time looking forward which I was looks uh yes yes you make your parents do your shopping for you okay all right here we go these are the three wise now we got some development going on here yes it don’t look like it oh you mean each of these all of it together yes we’re about to make it into one yeah I want you to keep that in your head don’t share with anybody because wait a minute because you’ll probably the one who answered the question next question math now we did some development this is like outline okay now actually this is outline cuz what side I just want see what side would this be on in our outline me on the right side I’m only pointing at these boxes in circles yes yes yes okay now we’re on the same page.